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We are Anherb, the makers of an extensive blend of herbal and cosmetic products, a company that is all set to take beauty, elan and grace to its epitome. At Anherb, quality marks the essence of every product, and it is no surprise that we stand strong as a 120 crore company. With our wings spread across the globe, Anherb has attained finesse in providing state-of-the-art products, coupled with impeccable packaging. So, if you are looking for a rendezvous with perfect beauty products, Anherb is what you need.
Anzalp herbal products private limited is a herbal cosmetic manufacturing company based in India, a part of the well-established and diversified group of companies with a turnover of more than USD 90 million and having sales net work in different gulf countries, Russia, U. K. etc.
Our herbal cosmetic products are marketed under brand name of "anherb", we have extensive range of 36 products covering skin care, hair care, personal care, baby care etc.
We introduced our flagship brand, "anherb-anti bacterial moisrutizing dry hand wash" which is also unique as it is totally alcohol free. Just a few drops on the plam, and a few seconds of brisk rubbing not only leaves your hands free from harmful bacteria and fungi, makes them pleasently fragnant but also moisturized. So there is no need of water, soap or towels to make your clean. Its efficacy has been certified by an fda approved laboratory in India. Since the product is non-alcohalic it is safe for use by all age groups. One must use it before meals very useful at office / picnic / during travelling even at home, entire family including children can make their hands bacteria free before taking meals right at dinning table itself. In short anherb antibacterial dry hand wash can be use anywhere, anytime. It is our pleasure to introduce one more unique product " anherb-heena cream shampoo", which is a cream based herbal shampoo made fresh heena leaf extracts making it the first of its kind in India. This product will give natural cleaning and conditioning in just 2 minutes and keep the hair clean, shiny, silky soft and strong. Apart from the above, different types of shampoo are available in our range, for oily hair, dry and lusterless hair etc. For more details of our products

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Business Type : Manufacturer
Domestic Shipping : Delhi

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Product Services : Manufacturer, Exporter : After Shave Gel, An Herb Hair Pack, Baby Care, Face Wash, Hair Care, Mix Fruit Hair Shampoo, Moisturizing Dry Hand Wash, Oatmeal Scrub, Personal Care, Skin Care
Country : INDIA

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